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Issue 248 Vol 17

Talking Point: Respite Care - Out of Reach for Many Should full-time carers be allowed free respite for those they care for?

Letter to my Younger Self - Jenn Murray
This issue Belfast-born actress Jenn Murray who is currently starring in Disney’s ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ has a word or two with her teen self.

How Donald Trump incites violence Donald Trump spreads ideas that are likely to spur someone to act, legal expert David Cohen says.

"We all slept in the car, five of us." 

Young refugees talk about being homeless.


The origin story comes to the screens at a perfect moment.

September 2019 - Issue 247 Vol 17

How One Goal Inspired Michael Sheen


Acclaimed actor Michael Sheen on how one goal inspired him.

"The Homeless World Cup is about much more than football."

Stephen McGann writes a letter to his younger self

Each issue we ask a well known face to write a letter to their 16 year old self. This issue, actor S

This issue Stephen McGann takes the challenge of writing a letter to his 16 year old self.

Sting on revisiting old songs


"..... success doesn't necessarily correspond with happiness, if anything, it amplifies problems......"

Be Very Concerned about 5G!!!


We should all be very concerned about the arrival of 5G!

Involuntary exposure to increased levels of EMF radiation will be unavoidable.

Sidney Poitier. Oscars, the KKK & being called the N word


"never call me n*gger again...."

We NEVER collect money or go door to door


We DO NOT collect money.

We DO NOT go door to door.

We DO NOT put up folding tables and collect cash outside shops

These people are scamming the public and using our good name.


Brand New Bumper Issue out now


Brand new issue of Ireland's Big Issue out now.

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What we stand for


Our ethos is 'A Hand Up, Not a Hand out'. Our sellers purchase the magazine from us and sell on at a profit - encouraging entrepreneurism. 

Ireland’s Big Issue magazine is a member of the International Network of Street Papers.  

The magazine is published every 3 weeks and covers a wide range of topics, locally and from around the world, including Social Issues, Health & Lifestyle, Exclusive Interviews, PhotoWorld, (for all you aspiring photographers) Film Reviews, Political Issues and Historical Issues.

Each year Ireland’s Big Issue helps over 500 young lads from difficult backgrounds with our Homeless Street Soccer League programme throughout Ireland, and we take a team from these leagues to represent Ireland in the Homeless World Cup every year.

It’s all about changing lives - helping people grow, building self confidence, self esteem, self discipline and obtaining the tools to fight addiction.

By selling the magazine our vendors earn that little bit extra that makes a significant difference to their lives.


By buying a copy of the Big Issue, you are facilitating these initiatives. If you have difficulty finding a vendor in your locality please take out a subscription.

Magazines can be bought from our street sellers, by subscription or from Head Office at 30 Gardiner Place, Dublin 1.

And remember - homeless people are still people - please always have a chat and smile, even if you don't want to buy the magazine. 

Let's do our best to end homelessness. 

We Proudly Support


Our magazine proudly supports the Irish Street League and help 500 individuals each year from difficult backgrounds with our Homeless Street Soccer League & take a team to represent Ireland every year at the Homeless World Cup

The Irish Street League is a great support for homeless people, anyone dealing with 'technical' homelessness by having to move around or 'sofa surf' or anyone with any addictions or other issues. Everyone is made very welcome.


Paddy sells at Trinity College


Selling the Big Issue has been good for me. I've been selling it since 1995, as I felt it was a good idea to be doing something and making a few bob every day.


Paddy Finnegan sells The Big Issue at Trinity College, Dublin magazine homelessness homeless people

Colm sells on Abbey Street


Selling the Big Issue magazine has given me something to do. It breaks the day up for me and helps me to survive. I've never had any hassle selling it.


Colm Daly has been selling the Big Issue on Abbey Street for two years now.

Support homelessness initiatives & show your support for homeless people

Noel sells in Sligo


I would encourage anyone to sell the Big Issue, because it will definitely turn your life around; I am proof positive of that.


Noel McCauley who is blind, and has represented Ireland in the Special Olympics, has sold the magazine in Enniskillen, Galway and Sligo

Paul sells in Athlone


When there were no jobs and everyone was out of work, I had a job selling the Big Issue magazine. That allowed me to provide for my family.


Paul O'Connor has been selling the Big Issue for over twenty years in Athlone, outside the Bank of Ireland in town, and despite a recent diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease, continues to do so. 

Homelessness can happen to anyone.

Share the big news


Issues we cover include: social, political, historical, etc. magazine homelessness homeless people

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Please support the homele homelessness homeless people ss. Give them the dignity they deserve and support them by buying a magazine.

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Our vendors (sellers) buy the magazine, which is written by professional journalists and sell it on at a profit. homelessness homeless people

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Selling Ireland's Big Issue magazine is a much better alternative to begging for homeless people. Let's join forces and do our best to end homelessness

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